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Remember who you are! Truth and myths about coaching

Remember who you are – This is what I feel coaching is helping you with.

The past months I learned how different everyone’s opinion about Life & Business coaching is and I think there are many false impressions and misconceptions. Being a coach by myself I feel like doing the best I can to represent this profession in the most authentic and genuine way.

Everyone can call themselves a coach, that’s probably a downside. Anyway, just because there are some that have a different way of approaching when it comes to offering coaching services, doesn’t mean Coaching is a bad thing in general.

It’s nothing bad or negative!

We’re not fixing anyone. You’re also not broke when you have a coach. There’s no need to label it. It’s also not bad where you are.

We just want even better for you.

This blog is dedicated to giving you my perspective on coaching and why I do what I do, and probably so many amazing coaches out there as well.

Let’s be real for a moment 😉

It’s a fact that only 3% live the life they want, 97% do NOT.

There’s a lack of understanding of how our mind, the conscious and subconscious work.

Too many have an attachment to the outer world, which is run by an economic system that benefits from people’s self-doubt, creates scarcity and limitations in life. It’s an endless aim for more that increases the gap between who we truly are and who the world expects us to be.

We get caught up in the hustle and fight a battle with our ego. We value others’ opinions more instead of living our truth and seek attention and approval, it’s never enough. I could go on and on.

Long story short: we’re either stuck in the past or lost in the future – but what about being in the present moment?

Because despite all these things, life is still a gift and beautiful.     

So what’s going on.     

Many of us, even me, face trauma or different stressors in life which steal away our sense of well-being and true purpose.

Our mind (or ego) wants to protect us, always, even after trauma. Those incidents or stressors can rewire the brain in an attempt to protect us, which is not bad, but it can also harm us and also hold us back from enjoying life. 

We lose balance and alignment with who we are inside and what is reflected outside in our life. 

Trauma, stressors, life-altering events create a disconnection with ourselves, everyone and everything.

We are in survival mode instead of the creation-mode. We get triggered and our inner and mind well-being suffers. We can feel detached, irritable, anxious and highly reactive in many ways. 

The good news is we and our brain can recover and be restored.


We can live well again or maybe for the first time. We can learn to not define ourselves by challenges but to refine who we truly are and reconnect with ourselves again.

We can change the course of our life by focusing on the things that aid healing, the positive and the beauty of life.

For me, coaching has been a game-changer and it also is one for those who are seeking support, especially when it comes to mental health. Whenever something happens in your life or you face challenges, you can either learn from it or run from it.

Still, so many choose to run instead of learning.

Being a coach became my passion because it breaks my heart that still so many don’t dream out loud.

We’re not here to follow a sleep-eat-work cycle on repeat. Be honest, do you truly believe that?

I believe we’re here for an even bigger meaningful reason, but also to enjoy this one life we have.

Coaching is a service that (I repeat) is not fixing you. You are you, this is how it’s meant to be.

It’s about remembering who you are and reconnecting to the good life you were born to have before anything outside took over.

It’s about gaining a new perspective and perception of life and uncovering your true self.

To sum this up: Coaching is a service… 

  • to help you find the answers
  • to define and overcome blocks, trauma, stressors and find the root cause
  • to help you believe in the unseen
  • to help you stop the pity story
  • to mirror your greatness
  • to help you create from a place of abundance and power
  • to encourage you to take ownership in your life
  • to design actions that are in line with your commitments
  • to honor your life
  • saying what needs to be said, not what makes you happy
  • to add power to create breakthroughs in your life and business
  • to educate you
  • to gain clarity on where you are and where you want to go
  • to find peace of mind
  • to cleanse of guilt, shame, and blame
  • to help you take care of your mental and emotional health
  • to uncover the magic of life
  • to help you design your mind to create your life
  • to break patterns and beliefs that aren’t of service to you
  • to hold space for you to find clarity, alignment, well-being, and happiness
  • to create a bigger picture for your life and learn, grow beyond, release and deepen self-awareness

Stop running away from our everyday life. Discover what is always available within us. 

This is how I think and feel about coaching.

We’re here to serve you and not you to serve our bank account.

Coaching might have its price, but money as well is energy. It’s also a flow of giving and receiving. Same with coaching. You’re not paying a coach, you invest in the value you receive in return.

All in all, we help you REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE because everything you’re seeking is already inside of you! 

A good coach doesn’t benefit from your self-doubt. There’s no quick rich system or inner work done in a few days. Stop buying into results and solutions to close a gap and don’t expect it to be easy. Only you can close the gap. No one will do it for you.

Invest in your own transformation and give all you’ve got for the change that lasts and a life you dream of.

As a coach I can guide you but you need to have the will, dedication, imagination, determination, courage, and perseverance.

I invested over 20k in my own personal development in the past three years. I had good and not so good coaches. So I feel those who think they fell into a trap.

Take your time to see and feel if a coach is a right match for you instead of buying into something very quickly.

If it’s not for you that’s fine but please stop judging those who discovered a powerful tool they don’t want to miss out because they don’t want to miss out on life.

I mentioned before that only 3% live the life they want. So 97% is a huge number of people that don’t live the way they want. I guess this shows the need for us coaches to help minimize that number!

I decided to be part of the 3%. What about you?

You and your mind are a powerful tool.

So many underestimate its energy and the tool kit we’re carrying inside.

We’re already whole. We just need to remember what’s inside.

We’ve been gifted with everything that’s needed.

As a coach I help you see the blind spots.

I hope could give you a better insight into coaching, what I do and why it’s so important 💕

With love, 


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