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Mood: start a revolution! Adieu, 9-5! How it all began and why quitting my 9-5 saved my life

Let’s make it sweet and short: I’m convinced that my 9-5 wouldn’t have ever given me what I truly needed.

How can I know?

Well, I know all of this is always easier said than done because we see things clearer backward. Of course, I asked myself what would have happened if I stayed in that job. Luckily, today I know I did the right thing.

I want to be fully honest with you. When I left the 9-5 hustle I didn’t have a plan at all. I felt lost in this world and didn’t know where I belonged. I think I didn’t even notice how lost I was.

All I knew was that I wanted to get out of this job that occupied all of my time and left only a little time for living my life. It was time for a revolutionary act.

My desire was pulling me that way, I knew there’s more and something far greater than what I was used to.

Be honest. How often do you feel that way?

How often are you more worried about surviving in this world than keeping your dreams alive?

I did – quite too often, and I had enough. So I found a way to my personal breakthrough and freedom.

Before I was able to quit and leave, I had to overcome and face many fears. I totally get the point of being scared the first time you think about doing this step. We’re so used to this system that makes us believe that we need all of it. That this is the only way to stay safe.

Until you realize that the only person that can give you safety is YOU.

If this is even possible, because the truth is we’re surrounded by change all the time – we just don’t pay attention to it. But life naturally happening is more unpredictable than predictable.

So why are people so afraid of change although it’s happening all the time around us. So many seem to be narrow-minded and they don’t see life for what it truly is.

They are so afraid that even following their hearts is not reason enough to break free.

What became a game changer for me was changing my perspective about life and accepting the fact that nothing is ever certain except change. I learned to deal with the unknown.

This is where we need to navigate our own way. More than ever we are responsible for what is and shouldn’t depend on someone else.

It can be the hardest part. But if there is one person you should trust the most to handle this, then it’s you!

So who do you have to become to live the life you are dreaming of?

…and who are you not supposed to be anymore? #masksdown

Let’s wash clean our faces, because…

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”


I had this war inside for a very long time. The pride in me was fighting who I truly am and what I want… this battle lasted up to my early thirties until those whispers inside of me became an orchestra of hopes, dreams and they were pulling me out of this misery I felt.

It was time to stop the pity story. I’ve been a broken soul in the past, the queen of self-sabotage trying to keep the perfect facade alive and fit in.

I never wanted to be an open book. Instead I tried to tear out those pages of my life story that felt like walking through fire, longing for truth.

I have to admit I wasn’t true to myself for over 30 years. In the last three years finally, I listened to the voice inside that called me again and again.

I turned my eyes away from who I really am, hoping for that day where things might change, that someone who will save me.

Like Dorothy searching for the wizard of Oz. When she found him, he told her that she had all the answers inside.

Same for me. I was searching and waiting until that moment when I surrendered. I realized that no one will save me, ONLY I CAN.

Making this decision to leave, get lost, “saved” my life and I found myself.

That was when acceptance, gratitude, courage, and necessity became my favorite companions in mastering life going from self-sabotage to who I am today, following my heart and intuition not settling for less than what I deserve.

My life felt heavy, I didn’t speak my truth… I numbed my voice until I decided to let the truth also exist somewhere other than only inside of me.

It took a while until I mastered how life works on a deeper level and I will share more about my wild ride from being on top of the world to hitting rock bottom and back.

But the first steps after leaving my 9-5 was going on this road trip through California to learn that everything I want and everything I need is in front of me. It was time to make the impossible possible.

I saw an even higher mission for myself. Helping others thrive. Make this world a better place. Use what I’ve been gifted with.

When I came back, refreshed and full of energy, I started my coaching certification to become a certified Int. Life and Business Coach. This became the most intense journey that uncovered the shadow side of me I ignored successfully until that moment (I will share more in my following blog posts soon).

In parallel, I became a flight attendant. An office job wasn’t an option for me anymore, only if it would be my own office. So I turned out to travel around the world as a flight attendant while learning how to guide others and master their life successfully as a coach.

May 2017 till the end of 2018 has been full of learning, experiencing and preparing for what was about to happen in this challenging but so magical year 2019.

I decided to break the silence so that hopefully my words become a survival guide for someone out there and to do the same: uncovering the beauty of life to be and feel alive, finally!

With this state of mind, I entered 2019 not knowing that it will be the most exciting year of my life so far and the most incredible things were about to happen ✨

To be continued…

Tell me, what is the revolutionary act you’re longing for?

With love, 


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