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Just start somewhere – there no such thing as “ready”

Before I share all the bits and pieces about my journey and my newest adventure moving from Europe to Los Angeles, I want to give you some insights on the time before I went on my greatest adventures.

People only see what we want them to see, right?! Often it’s the end result of a far longer journey. 

Behind the scenes, life can be a different story.

For me as well this journey began almost 3 years ago when I started to feel that there’s more in life and my inner desire started to pull me towards my wildest dreams stronger than ever.

What looks easy and fun on the outside has been a wild ride of emotions, growth, and plenty of learnings.

But where to begin?

It took me a while to figure out which route to take in life and this is totally fine. It’s a kind of trial and error. What’s more important is to make the decision to finally create your own reality and future, the life you dream of. That’s the moment when the ball starts rolling.

So to answer that question, my first advice is: JUST START SOMEWHERE. 

Once you start, things start to unfold. This doesn’t sound like a master plan yet, but it’s about taking one step at a time. This is just the beginning.

I never considered myself living in Los Angeles and having this strong feeling to share my thoughts and experience with the world and help others grow.

With each step on this new path I entered, this vision I had for myself and others became clearer and bigger. I started to get more and more excited about what could be and those feelings became one piece in the vehicle that kept driving me towards where I am today.

If there is something that makes your eyes glow and your heart beat faster – JUMP STRAIGHT INTO IT – without limiting yourself with disbelief. I guess that’s called intuition. No matter if it’s quitting your job to build your own business, starting a blog, going on a sabbatical or another memorable adventure you dream of. Go for it.

I spent too much time thinking about it and especially what others might think, making plans, not taking any action and I ended up feeling the frustration although my life seemed so perfect to the outside world. But TRUE FREEDOM starts from within. It requires the ability to discover and listen to your inner voice, then step out, follow and live your vision.

With my former mindset and beliefs, I would have said it was a „waste of time“. But it wasn’t. We all know life can only be understood backward, so after experiencing different challenges and plans that didn’t work out, I arrived at the conclusion that it’s not about the „HAPPY ENDING“ or the final goal – IT’S ABOUT THE STORY, the path you’re going. It prepares you for what will be.

I started to believe that everything happens for a reason and there’re lessons life wants to teach us. Lessons that allowed me to appreciate the development I’ve made by going through the difficult times. I grew and I still am growing. With every next step, I leave a bit of my comfort zone behind.

You know what – it feels so damn good.

I know it’s our human nature to resist CHANGE and it’s so easy to stay in your comfort zones – afraid of crossing the line. We love habits. Of course, growth and change can be painful. But the most terrifying thing is to look back and have regrets, knowing you stayed somewhere you don’t belong. Do you agree?


If you want to live a life TRUE TO YOURSELF you have to cross THIS line. Leave your comfort zone. This is what makes you grow. If you keep doing the same things you’re used to doing, you will stay exactly where you are.

It’s about going beyond what you’re used to.

There will never be a guarantee that your plans will work out at first but everything allows you to become more and more the true and probably better version of yourself. 

A step closer to the life you dreamed of. As long as you don’t give up.

As I said in the beginning, I didn’t have a clear vision in mind when I started to question my former life. I started with the belief that everything will turn out the way it’s meant to and I just need to take the first steps, see what happens and move on from there.

Your life, your dreams, and vision for the future are yours. Steve Jobs once said:

„Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

So, never give up on your intuition and whatever drives you, follow this calling.

My #1 driver was and still is true freedom. I’m hungry for adventures and seeing this wonderful world we are living in. To experience true freedom I had to learn how to be brave, take risks, learn to deal with the unknown.

My mistakes turned into experience, challenges became opportunities. I started to embrace all of it. We only have this one life – let it be your own bestselling story no matter what comes your way.

I let fear become my faith and the fire that kept me moving forward. I told myself that fears are the gatekeepers to the greatest gifts in life.

Once you DECIDE to take this journey, it’s a continuous process of growing and learning. This path is not a straight line, sometimes you might be rerouted which for me became the adventurous part and I decided to trust this journey and take the chances life is offering to me. 

I finally chose myself and made my life a priority.
I hope you do the same.

Just take the first step!

With love,

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xo, Sandra

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Thank you!

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