What if you could...

Business & Creative Strategy Guidance and Coaching

save yourself some time setting up a rock-solid foundation for your coaching business

get my insights into your business and strategy so that you have absolute clarity moving forward supported by a powerful tool to access flow state

have the time and freedom to focus more on your business instead of feeling overwhelmed by organizing it

nail down all your creative directions and brand visuals in a short period of time and upgrade your professional online look

have the tools to embody the leader you already are within

approach all your parts of life, professionally and personally with flow, ease and joy while making an impact

one day intensive

I got you!

Checklist to see if

this is for you...

you are looking for clarity, your bigger vision and the implementation and execution of the right strategies

you are in need of a roadmap or guidance and entering the entrepreneurial journey feels a bit overwhelming

the trial and error process scares you instead of empowering you

you want to strengthen your foundation inside and outside.

you're ready for the up-level of your business and give it substance and a brand upgrade

you want to expand your impact in the world and step into authenticity

Mind & Body

Game Plan




Mindset, Self-Care and well-being as you are the greatest asset of your business - including HypnoBreathwork®.


A step by step blueprint customized to your needs and vision.


Your skills and methods to create an undeniable impact in the world.


The tools and systems to automate and scale your business.

One day in a glance

This is what's in it for you

What's inside

 1:1 coaching - digitally, or in-person in Los Angeles

5 focused sessions in one day including Energy Management

Leadership guidance

Strategy worksheets

Pre-Assignment to prepare your day

Tool Box including all the tools, systems and resources we cover throughout the day

Access to my creative partner Sightless Design led by my sister

Post-action sheets to get you going and thriving

Access to recordings of our session + the HypnoBreathwork® class

Google Doc with all of our notes and links to any resources that we think might be helpful for you

template and workflow creation for your business
and more

take her words not mine


HypnoBreathwork® Session #1

Talents & Signature

Tools & Systems

HypnoBreathwork® Session #2

Final focus session & integration & actions items

The Schedule

9am - 6pm 


Welcome & kick-off, visualization

Mind & Soul

Leader embodiment


Special offer till January 22, 2022 - then $3000