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Crafting Your Daily Routine For A Creative Day & Maximum Productivity

Are you tired of feeling unproductive and uninspired throughout your day or getting easily distracted? Do you struggle to get started on creative projects?

I’m sure this is not the first guide on creating a morning routine and kicking off your day the right way.

We live in a world that is designed to steal our focus. Everyone and everything wants our attention. It can get overwhelming. So how do you reclaim your focus and attention to the greatest asset there is in your life?

Design your blueprint of your own principles and approach your day and life in cycles.

What do I mean by that? Let’s dig in: Instead of sticking to the same routine every day I defined a cycle of 4 principles or core steps each day. Within each principles or step, I try to stay present and choose intuitively what feels right in that moment and what my mind and body might need.

1. Principle ONE – REIGNITE

What do you need to start your day right and REIGNITE your fire, meaning your mind and body. How do you get your inner flame going? What sets a strong foundation for you day? Sometimes it’s just hot lemon water and sitting in meditation or breath work. Other times it’s a 10k steps morning walk for sunrise. My body tells me each day what it wants. You choose. I believe there’s no need to force yourself through the same steps every day. Choose what you need the most in that moment. It’s your first accomplishment of the day.

2. Principle TWO – REVIVE / FOCUS

You you are up and ready to get going, you decide how you choose to focus on your priorities and what you want to bring your attention to. Meaning set only up to 3 priorities. Time Boxing is a great example of how to remain in focus of your essential tasks and blending it with well-being time in between. Define a structure for the day.

3. Principle THREE – MASTER

Once you set your priorities you want to make sure you have time blocked for breaks in between your creative sprints. Rest is not a reward, it’s an essential. Breaks make space for the new and the next priority. Define how you MASTER your day and what helps you clear your mind between your priorities. It can be a nap, a short walk for coffee, breath work. Again, your body knows. Learn to listen.

4. Principle FOUR – SUSTAIN

Know when to close your day and when is a good time for you to do that. I love working at night sometimes, but then I’ll make sure my mornings are free from calls or any other obligations. Your power, product and energy sustains when you give your body enough sleep and offline time.

This approach might be a bit different than others but in the end it’s one of the “oldest” to be around. The life around us, nature and mama earth sustain through cycles. There’s no better teacher than nature. Don’t be too hard on yourself but rather find your non-negotiable within each principle or stage I just shared with you. Play and try out what works for you. We are all different. There’s no size fits all but this simple outline of a daily cycle will give you a framework how to approach each day and stay on track. Consistency will build your new healthy habits.

Learn to listen what your body needs, listen when you need a break, maximize the circumstances at where you are at right now. Over time this will all come natural to you and you’ll become so good at reading yourself. You will notice the change in mind and body. More focus, attention on the right things. There’s no one you should respect more than yourself, your well-being and making sure your foundation within is rock solid. This approach will help you.


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