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The path less traveled – the chance to a freedom lifestyle

How often are you more worried about your survival than keeping your dreams alive?

I did – quite too often and it took a while until I finally found my way to my personal breakthrough and freedom. It took a while until I had the courage to change.

We are surrounded by change all the time – but for some reason people are so afraid of change and following their heart.

Today I want to invite you to see the beauty of change because there is no question about the following facts that might long-term even force you to change and get on the path less traveled:

We are changing from profit to PURPOSE!
From hierarchies to NETWORK!
From controlling to EMPOWERING!
From planning to taking ACTIONS and experimenting!

This time holds so much opportunity and wonderful part is – it’s all on you!

While our environment is changing – and so are we and so are the needs in our personal life. What started as movement a few years ago becomes more and more the standard but still it is the path less traveled.

Anyways we already are a remotely working generation and studies estimate that by 2025 – 2030 50% will be independent contractors. It’s like the freelance revolution is just beginning and going hand in hand with the digital revolution.

…full time jobs are becoming rarer, harder to get and keep.
…NEEDS are changing – a new generation takes over.
…our work world is changing and the traditional work world we used to know is kind of dying or in some areas does no longer exist.
…Corporate security disappears more and more and our careers become unpredictable.

The result is that we need to navigate our own way and more than ever we are responsible for creating a life true to ourselves and taking care of ourselves not depending on someone else.

So many of us invest everything we’ve got in believing that we’re not good enough (I did this as well) instead of believing that we can reach and create everything we want.

We tend to blame others or the things that happen to us, but in the end, I must say: It’s all on us! It has always been and the sooner you realize and accept that fact, the better.

Don’t miss out on living a life on our terms and create the impossible, otherwise you will always stay stuck in lack of confidence and dis-belief.

What I learned on my journey from a life that was not serving me as an employee to becoming my own “boss” is, that as long as I have faith, I can become whoever I want to be.

Your faith can move mountains.

And the good news is: this age offers so many opportunities. You just have to learn how to find them and discover what’s inside of you!

 Stephen Hawking said “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”

What does that mean? Is it telling you something you aren’t aware of?

For me the core message of this quote is that we and our “intelligence” are not defined by our skills, our CV or qualifications. I used to collect one certification after the other to lift up my ego while seeking validation from the outside world. You won’t find happiness and fulfillment on this journey long-term.

But what intelligence means is when you are willing to give up on something old – that probably is holding you back – and you take the step to move on and embrace change and the willingness to adapt to the changes happening around you – that’s what is real intelligence – this equals we have everything inside of us that is needed and it starts from within!

At the same time it means that we can change to become who and whatever we want to be.

But why is change making us feel so miserable and insecure?

Because we are creatures of habit – the good thing is we can change our habits as well so all the uncomfortable things you start to adapt to will make you feel comfortable sooner or later.

More than ever we have the possibility to create the life or business we dream of. There are endless opportunities and I would like to help you find them and have the most positive impact on the others and the world.

I found myself in the wrong story and decided to leave… instead of waiting for a miracle I decided to create my own magic solution. Do what I love and passionate about finding a way to make an impact and money doing what I am passionate about.

Most people refuse to believe in magic and their inner power, maybe that’s why 98% of the population are stuck in their comfort zone and only 2% life their life to the fullest.

Every moment in life we get the choice to stay where we are or to design a life by ourselves.

Too many people avoid any sense of hardship in their lives. They fear they can’t handle it or that they’ll be judged or rejected.

We are not here to be in or out, have the most followers, be Insta-famous. We are here for a meaning!

So don’t ever let anyone discourage you from your ambition for a better life. Don’t minimize yourself or your dreams for any reason. It’s okay that you want more!

Do you believe that you deserve a life and business you love and that ultimately loves you back?

Life is the most valuable thing we have. The biggest gift you can make to yourself is remember who you are at the core, life true to yourself and take ownership of what is meant for you. Even if it is the path less traveled.

Who defined FREE time and WORK time?

For me there is only LIFE time – and we only have one life – so do you want to make sure you write your own great success story?

I want to inspire you to achieve and to do good in the world. I believe that what we do right now ripples outward and effects everyone.

I hope to awake joy and you feel the words inspired by freedom. I hope each of my revolutionary acts opens hearts and minds.

Most of all, I hope to inspire those who care about becoming the real version of themselves. Not a better version – I want the real genuine you – because I know you do your best each moment in life.

I want to lead the way to a brighter future, for others and myself.

The illusion of life is that we think we have time. We postpone things because we believe we are immortal.

The fact is – everything has an end. 

Therefore do what you want to do as long as you can. The time is now!

1 out of 6 never reach the retirement period.
30% who live longer will be disabled and not able to do what they dreamed of.

Be willing to invest the time in yourself. Start taking actions towards your goals NOW and get the life you deserve!

Let the path less traveled be your chance to a freedom lifestyle and a life you deserve – nothing less.



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xo, Sandra

You made it this far.
Thank you!

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