An advocate for intentional living that views life & business through the lens of creativity, a humble woman with a warrior heart and a genuine vision, here to help you uncover and achieve yours!
This is a space for inspiration, creative expression, entrepreneurship and guidance for those interested in self-leadership, personal growth, start-ups, adventure, and living a life fully lived.


CREATIVE concierge | Brand & BUSINESS consulting | Creative Strategy

I help aspiring Leaders & one-person businesses optimize their early stage business And creative strategy

– Farrah aviva

I’ve worked with many mentors / creatives in the past and no one has ever clicked or executed my vision as well and as effortlessly as Sandra has. She saw and created far more than I could have hoped for and is incredibly easy to work with. Thorough, approachable, collaborative and a visionary. Sandra over delivers and has an incredible eye for detail. She feels like a partner and someone you can fully trust (which is rare when you’re a control freak like me). I can’t recommend her enough. I feel incredibly fortunate because of all the time and stress that’s been saved by working with her.

no one has ever clicked or executed my vision as well and as effortlessly as Sandra has.

my clients have been featured in 


Forbes / Bloomberg / NBC /
ABC / Thrive Global /
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I'm Sandra

In case we haven't met yet...

I said "Au revoir" to a 10-year corporate career to finally head towards the path meant for me. After some crash-landings, a side-job as flight attendant, several re-starts – my design & consulting business and later on - my apparel brand Women of the Galaxy and my mentoring space Creative Athletes were born – blending all the experiences and tools that helped me to navigate through life and business. Now it's time to pass on.

Women of the Galaxy® offers apparel and helps you REMEMBERING HER while supporting other female founders, leaders and creatives.

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