An advocate for intentional living that views life & business through the lens of creativity, a humble woman with a warrior heart and a big vision, here to help you uncover and achieve yours!
This is a space for inspiration, creative expression, entrepreneurship and guidance for those interested in self-leadership, personal growth, start-ups, adventure, and living a life fully lived.




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– Farrah aviva

I’ve worked with many mentors / creatives in the past and no one has ever clicked or executed my vision as well and as effortlessly as Sandra has. She saw and created far more than I could have hoped for and is incredibly easy to work with. Thorough, approachable, collaborative and a visionary. Sandra over delivers and has an incredible eye for detail. She feels like a partner and someone you can fully trust (which is rare when you’re a control freak like me). I can’t recommend her enough. I feel incredibly fortunate because of all the time and stress that’s been saved by working with her.

– Yvonne Szefer

Working with Sandra has been pivotal for my business and branding. The amount of heart centered intention, and care that goes into her work is as if my business was her own. She provides me with the exact tools, and structure that my business needs in order to propel forward and grow. I feel such a sense of relief working with Sandra because I now see and feel the successful strategy that my business has in place. I now have the freedom I desire to show up, and create in the areas that I’m most passionate about! Since working with Sandra I see the momentum that my business needed to feel fully aligned.

– CAitlin O'brien –

Sandra is one of those rare beings that helps you discover the answers you are searching for by guiding you to find it within yourself. She is a mirror for you to see your most authentic reflection in which you find your own clarity and understanding. She helps connect your mind to critical thinking, your heart to intuition, and your soul to knowing. No matter what service you book with her, you will greatly benefit. I can’t recommend her and her services enough!

– Christine Engelfried

Working with Sandra was truly a soul-filled experience. I had reached out to her initially because I was struggling with social media and putting myself out there. She chose to work from the inside out, by beginning with a heart to heart about my values, dreams, contribution and helped me to feel reinvigorated with what I wanted to share with the world. Also as a new mom she was mindful and sensitive to the fact that my time and energy resources might be limited. She prepared templates, helpful layouts, design ideas and tips to make implementation easy and fun. She has helped me shift my relationship with this area of my life and business. I am truly so thankful and can’t recommend her services more wholeheartedly.

– Colette carlsson

I had a great experience working with Sandra. She was extremely thorough, easy to work with and created a business foundation, brand and website that perfectly captures my essence and services. I am so proud to share it with the world and will definitely like to work with Sandra and her team on more projects in the future!

Sandra is full of passion and commitment to helping her clients succeed as well as being a true example by living a life she loves - designed by her.  I am incredibly lucky to have her as a business partner - as we sure are a dynamic duo - the perfect mix of wellness & business. I don’t think there is a day where Sandra doesn’t inspire and lead others - she is definitely a pioneer in her field!

– Tanya Jarrett

– Francesca Sipma

Sandra is such a natural leader with so much knowledge, warmth and relatability. She coaches on everything  we need from self-love to energetics and has a unique creative spin to keep the content and stories engaging. I couldn't recommend her more.

Sandra is very passionate and goes always beyond the moon to help her clients achieve the best possible results. It's an honor and pleasure to work with her because she delivers what she promises. Besides being a wonderful spirit and soul, Sandra has this natural aura of understanding and awareness. Just by being herself and following the work that she is doing, she is an amazing example.

– Susanne Rey

I'm Sandra

In case we haven't met yet...

I said "Au revoir" to a 10-year corporate career to finally head towards the path meant for me. After some crash-landings, a side-job as flight attendant, several re-starts and tons of dances with my dark side and healing – my coaching business and later on - Women of the Galaxy was born – blending all the experiences and tools that helped me to navigate through life. Now it's time to pass on.

Creativity is merging with your own magic

one one one Guidance

The experiences are designed for aspiring, newbie entrepreneurs and early stage businesses in the arts, creative, wellness, dance and coaching industry to build a rock-solid foundation from the inside out.

Receive advice in the following areas – start-ups, creative strategy, visuals, brand strategy, design, business basics, self-leadership, well-being, intentional living, creative expression, social media guidance or audit and more.

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In this initial call you can ask all your burning questions, get more details about the intensive and we get to see if I'm the right match for you.

Within the Intensive we cover the mind and soul part, talents, tools and based on your unique needs we create your personal game plan and blueprint to set a strong foundation for life and business.


Mindset, Self-Care and well-being as you are the greatest asset of your business.


A step by step blueprint customized to your needs and vision.


Your skills and methods to create an undeniable impact in the world.


The tools and systems to save you time, automate workflows and scale your business.

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this is me

my own experiences became the tools

why Sandra

The Moments in life that taught me the most – my reason why.

I was born into a poor - low-income household in a mental and emotional unstable and also unsafe environment

Childhood trauma runs deep and it comes with disadvantages in life. You think you are fine. You don't know that your inner child and past wounds run your world. You're on auto-pilot. Once you become aware, it hits you hard as you notice how you numbed yourself. A life fully lived is different.

Our belief system gets formed until age 7, we learn from what surrounds us, from what we observe. As a kid, you don't question it. It becomes the norm, until the norm feels so destructive that all you can do is allow it to crack you open for the real magic to unfold.

The immigrant life

Moving countries is an adventure. You think you have it all figure out but no ;) Choosing the discomfort of starting anew in another country while not losing sight of your path is challenging. It comes with so many distractions and can be a real flex – immigration process, work permit, new friends, different mentality... – it's an endless list of things I didn't plan for when moving to America. It shows how adaptable we are, how fast we can adjust and it taught me the importance of having self-accountability, confidence to keep going, self-trust, resilience... and that in the end, I can only bet on myself. No one will do it for you. You just gotta do it.


I learned to see the big picture. In my role I was able to assist the assistance of the board of managing directors. This allowed me the birds perspective of a huge corporation with over 50k employees and communication with high executives. When I started my own venture I notice how I have to embody each role of an organization and blend it all in one. Sounds overwhelming – it is. Better be clear on each role. 

It also showed me how masculine driven the business world is, that ignited my passion to bring back the feminine way. While this system crashed me, it paved the way for me to move on and what I aim to change in this world.

Being an independent Sales Director – another side hustle

Before I fully dived into the self-employed venture, I had a side hustle as independent sales director selling skin care cosmetics while working full time in corporate and studying to complete my bachelor degree in Business Administration.

Being on the hamster wheel is not sustainable was one lesson. But it also was when I realized my passion for leading other women and helping others grow and thrive. I built my own team of over 30 women and became a Sales Director. This one wasn't meant to last but it was the first stepping stone into women empowerment and I walked away with many great lessons learned and things "you better not do" in the early stages of your business.

getting certified as a coach while being a flight attendant

From consulting to coaching – here I was, ready to quit my 9-5 as I learned working for myself is more fulfilling. While I entered the personal development journey to not only initiate my greatest healing journey, I also got certified as a coach. To have some fixed income I decided to have a side job as flight attendant. Thanks to Lufthansa for being so flexible allowing me to travel the world, get paid for it, do my certification and also learn so much about all kind of human beings and cultures in this world.

I've been to Rio, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Tel Aviv... the list goes on. I've met all kinds of people. You find every stereotype of human beings in on place. I've learned so much about communication and the influence we have simply by who we are, who we embody and how we choose to approach each person – I can tell you, in every tricky situation, love, compassion and kindness always win. We are powerful beyond measure just simply by being a kind human.

Diving deep into Creativity

CREATIVITY is not only the #1 skill in this century but being "forced" to create my own branding and website back then taught me all the tools and system to run an online business. I couldn't afford any support so I had to learn it all by myself which now allows me to guide others and provide the shortcut.

My own creations led to others wanting to work with me which allowed me to expand into a full design studio and expanding in branding and marketing skills. It was a lovely reminder of the creative family I was born into. I found a huge piece of myself and creativity became my magic force to create a life fully lived. Express, come to life, question everything.

Losing it all and moving back in with my mom in my ealry 30's

This one was hard at first but so necessary. It's like a reset for my belief system, values and worthiness. When you learn nothing really matters but how you think about yourself. I kind of turned into a minimalist. Learned to create the max outcome with min effort and the most important thing: how to be more smart when approaching life. When I lost it all, it also meant I fell into debt. This one is a hard burden to carry mentally and emotionally. Especially in a world that became so surface, lacking the depths of being human. We allow a man-made system to define our worthiness, we break because of these illusion.

I had to return to myself. This was what moving back in with my mom did to me. I found myself again and what truly matters.

moving to LA and taking the greatest leap of all

Probably one of the big milestones so far, USA, here I come. I got the job offer that made me move just 2 weeks later. Just like that I was on that one-way flight to LA. I took the leap and pitched my services to a start up in LA founded by a public figure. I didn't expect anything at all, sent the text via Instagram in the middle of the night and allowed the universe to take over (speaking about creating from a state of relaxation) - the universe replied and I got a job offer, that led to an O1 visa, my ticket to freedom and a fresh start in Los Angeles.
Until this day I could see how my journey before prepared me for this, my first two and hardest years trying to make it in LA during a pandemic, waiting for final papers, a delayed work permit and so much more. All this prepared me for Women of the Galaxy and being able to guide you now in the way I do.

I found the tools for a life fully lived, I learned the tools and system for business, I built a smart network that does not only nourishing my soul but everything I do in life and business. Surrounded by the most creative network, I now create abundantly and fully expressed, Now I pass on.

the final destination is right here right now

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