An advocate for intentional living that views life & business through the lens of creativity, a humble woman with a warrior heart and a big vision, here to help you uncover and achieve yours!
This is a space for inspiration, creative expression, entrepreneurship and guidance for those interested in self-leadership, personal growth, start-ups, adventure, and living a life fully lived.




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1 on 1 guidance designed as a blend of well-being, self-leadership and start-up guidance with creative sprint based on your needs towards your vision. Find all the details here.

take their words
– not mine

– Farrah aviva

I’ve worked with many mentors / creatives in the past and no one has ever clicked or executed my vision as well and as effortlessly as Sandra has. She saw and created far more than I could have hoped for and is incredibly easy to work with. Thorough, approachable, collaborative and a visionary. Sandra over delivers and has an incredible eye for detail. She feels like a partner and someone you can fully trust (which is rare when you’re a control freak like me). I can’t recommend her enough. I feel incredibly fortunate because of all the time and stress that’s been saved by working with her.

– Yvonne Szefer

Working with Sandra has been pivotal for my business and branding. The amount of heart centered intention, and care that goes into her work is as if my business was her own. She provides me with the exact tools, and structure that my business needs in order to propel forward and grow. I feel such a sense of relief working with Sandra because I now see and feel the successful strategy that my business has in place. I now have the freedom I desire to show up, and create in the areas that I’m most passionate about! Since working with Sandra I see the momentum that my business needed to feel fully aligned.

– CAitlin O'brien –

Sandra is one of those rare beings that helps you discover the answers you are searching for by guiding you to find it within yourself. She is a mirror for you to see your most authentic reflection in which you find your own clarity and understanding. She helps connect your mind to critical thinking, your heart to intuition, and your soul to knowing. No matter what service you book with her, you will greatly benefit. I can’t recommend her and her services enough!

– Christine Engelfried

Working with Sandra was truly a soul-filled experience. I had reached out to her initially because I was struggling with social media and putting myself out there. She chose to work from the inside out, by beginning with a heart to heart about my values, dreams, contribution and helped me to feel reinvigorated with what I wanted to share with the world. Also as a new mom she was mindful and sensitive to the fact that my time and energy resources might be limited. She prepared templates, helpful layouts, design ideas and tips to make implementation easy and fun. She has helped me shift my relationship with this area of my life and business. I am truly so thankful and can’t recommend her services more wholeheartedly.

– Colette carlsson

I had a great experience working with Sandra. She was extremely thorough, easy to work with and created a business foundation, brand and website that perfectly captures my essence and services. I am so proud to share it with the world and will definitely like to work with Sandra and her team on more projects in the future!

Sandra is full of passion and commitment to helping her clients succeed as well as being a true example by living a life she loves - designed by her.  I am incredibly lucky to have her as a business partner - as we sure are a dynamic duo - the perfect mix of wellness & business. I don’t think there is a day where Sandra doesn’t inspire and lead others - she is definitely a pioneer in her field!

– Tanya Jarrett

– Francesca Sipma

Sandra is such a natural leader with so much knowledge, warmth and relatability. She coaches on everything  we need from self-love to energetics and has a unique creative spin to keep the content and stories engaging. I couldn't recommend her more.

Sandra is very passionate and goes always beyond the moon to help her clients achieve the best possible results. It's an honor and pleasure to work with her because she delivers what she promises. Besides being a wonderful spirit and soul, Sandra has this natural aura of understanding and awareness. Just by being herself and following the work that she is doing, she is an amazing example.

– Susanne Rey

I'm Sandra

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I said "Au revoir" to a 10-year corporate career to finally head towards the path meant for me. After some crash-landings, a side-job as flight attendant, several re-starts and tons of dances with my dark side and healing – my coaching business and later on - Women of the Galaxy was born – blending all the experiences and tools that helped me to navigate through life. Now it's time to pass on.

Creativity is merging with your own magic

one one one Guidance

The experiences are designed for aspiring, newbie entrepreneurs and early stage businesses in the arts, creative, wellness, dance and coaching industry to build a rock-solid foundation from the inside out.

Receive advice in the following areas – start-ups, creative strategy, visuals, brand strategy, design, business basics, self-leadership, well-being, intentional living, creative expression, social media guidance or audit and more.

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In this initial call you can ask all your burning questions, get more details about the intensive and we get to see if I'm the right match for you.

Within the Intensive we cover the mind and soul part, talents, tools and based on your unique needs we create your personal game plan and blueprint to set a strong foundation for life and business.


Mindset, Self-Care and well-being as you are the greatest asset of your business.


A step by step blueprint customized to your needs and vision.


Your skills and methods to create an undeniable impact in the world.


The tools and systems to save you time, automate workflows and scale your business.

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